عرض النتيجة الوحيدة

عرض الشريط الجانبي


HYLA has revised and improved its long-term accessory product “HYLA Water Air Freshener” and is now called HYLA AERA. The HYLA AERA only needs water as a filter. Dirt, dust and allergens absorb the small device that will inconspicuously attract the interest of your visitors. The centrifugal effect cleans the absorbed air and clean washed air leaves the HYLA AERA. Get the fresh air directly into your living room. In addition to the regulation of humidity, you aromatize the room air by adding HYLA fragrances in the water. And another special feature of the HYLA AERA is its integrated, seven-color play of light that creates very different lighting moods. So the HYLA AERA is at the same time an extraordinary light source for every room or ideal “night light”, eg in the nursery.