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اوتي بخار صغير الحجم


اوتي بخار صغير الحجم أصغر اوتي بخارية في العالم اوتي بجسم صغير لكنها أداء رائع.
  • جاهز للاستخدام في بضع ثوان
مناسبه للسفر
  • يسهل حملها
  • سهل التخزين
  • كفاءة في الكي العمودي

Amico SC3X1 with Table

Leave every corner of your home spotless with the Monster Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner. With a wide range of attachments included, this steam cleaner can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, making household maintenance easier and more versatile.


HYLA has revised and improved its long-term accessory product “HYLA Water Air Freshener” and is now called HYLA AERA. The HYLA AERA only needs water as a filter. Dirt, dust and allergens absorb the small device that will inconspicuously attract the interest of your visitors. The centrifugal effect cleans the absorbed air and clean washed air leaves the HYLA AERA. Get the fresh air directly into your living room. In addition to the regulation of humidity, you aromatize the room air by adding HYLA fragrances in the water. And another special feature of the HYLA AERA is its integrated, seven-color play of light that creates very different lighting moods. So the HYLA AERA is at the same time an extraordinary light source for every room or ideal “night light”, eg in the nursery.


As we know free radicals is the root of all diseases and aging, 90% of human aging and disease are caused by strong oxidative free radicals, by the modern living environment and other aspects such as environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, irregular work and rest time, work pressure, food contamination, water pollution, so that the human body Of the free radicals generated by excessive, far beyond the scope of the body to bear, seriously affect the health of hydrogen-rich hydrogen molecules is the most effective way to clear free radicals.Hydrogen Water Prevent the harmful damage from free radicals.


Alkali water usage purpose approved by Food & Drug Administrations. The device produces alkali hydrogen water exceeding pH8.5 ti 10.0 by electrolysis of drinking water and medical device that produces alkali water of hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of 9.5 for drinking purposes that help stomach problems.


Leave every corner of your home spotless with the Monster Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner. With a wide range of attachments included, this steam cleaner can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, making household maintenance easier and more versatile.


In a few seconds with the sterilizer
  • It is a multi-purpose steam cleaner
  • Lightweight fit
  • For all surfaces such as floors and carpets
  • As well as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Where the vapor pressure leads
  • Hot to more than 130 degrees Celsius To melt away dirt and stains
  • Cooking oils and greases
  • Smells and pollutants Without the need for any chemicals
  • The windows and mirrors also leave shiny
  • It leaves no traces of tissues and fibers
  • Behind it as it happens in the traditional way
The sterilizer Vapor M6 from Euroflex Certified 2 years ago From the National Asthma Board of Australia As a reliable, highly efficient business product Arduous household sterilization and disinfection.

Amico Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner

Leave every corner of your home spotless with the Monster Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner. With a wide range of attachments included, this steam cleaner can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, making household maintenance easier and more versatile.

Thermo Star Dry-Steam System

Thermostar dry steam system – very high cleanliness … With no other heat cleaner can you clean beds, upholstery, carpets and sofas as well as smooth surfaces in the kitchen, living room and office and also the interior of cars or surfaces in the garden as cleanly and hygienically as with the Thermostar dry steam system. And you can do it for a lifetime! … and environmental protection at the press of a button This is because the compact Thermostar dry steam cleaner is not only the smallest steam cleaner in its class (8 bar and up to 174 °C of hot steam), but it also has a very long service life due to the award-winning workmanship. Due to the lifelong (!) repair guarantee, you also don’t have to ever buy another steam cleaner, which means you save not only a great deal of money, but you also protect the environment.

Electric Clothes Dryer with ionizer

Specialization saves time, effort and cost: With the tremendous development in the dual-task washing machine industry of washing and drying clothes at the same time, We note many questions that confirm that specialization in the drying process has priority. How long do you wait for your clothes to go through all the stages to reach the dryer ?! What to do if the clothes weigh more than the capacity of a dual-function washer? What are the guarantees that confirm the safety and readiness of your clothes! Favorite for quick ironing after coming out of the dryer ?! And many questions that confirm the continued necessity of your acquisition A separate clothes dryer ensures the safety of your valuable clothes. It is the Italian clothes dryer CD1 from Euroflex Which is developed to avoid all problems of dryers Conventional electric, And also high-tech dual-function washing machines In short, we are facing a revolutionary case for drying and sterilization.


ANDY STEAM IRON is a “smart” iron, allowing you to iron every kind of fabric without change the temperature gauge. Thanks to its low power consumption (less than 1700 watts in Handy Mode), Andy can be used simultaneously with another appliance such as a washing machine.



Breathe fresh air with a Euroflex device to purify the air of allergens, dust, bacteria and other

pollutants to capture the most particulate matter suspended in the air


  • Enjoy the fresh air
  • Eliminate odors and dust
  • And germs and viruses
  • Any allergens will also help you to improve immunity and sleep better


Made in Germany, the Airvenue air freshener and purifier is made with high quality. It has many great functions to ensure fresh and clean air, the most important of which is simply sucking polluted air, dust and fine particles, and leaving it fresh air once again scented.

Clinomic Basic KW

Using a modern machine with water filter technology, cleaners help clients keep their mattresses, carpets and sofas fresh and sanitized